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About the hotel

The Dog Inn Hotel opened in 2009, since 2013 is located in the middle of the forest at Kobierne, located around 33 km from the centre of Warsaw.
Dog Inn Hotel is made up of 13 comfortable kennel rooms for four-legged guests, it is loving care and an individual approach to your dog’s needs, its daily routine and habits.


At the Dog Inn Hotel the safety and well-being of our four-legged guests are of utmost importance. Before taking in new guests, the carers speak with the dog owners to get to know the dog’s character and disposition, its behaviour and customs, its favourite forms of activity and diet; all this so as to – inasmuch as is possible – recreate the daily routine and activity to which the dog is accustomed.
The hotel remains in constant contact with veterinarians who are available to visit the hotel should such a need arise. And the carers are always nearby, also at night, since they live in a building located directly next to the hotel annexes.


At the Dog Inn Hotel the dogs have at their disposal cosy boxes located in two new, wooden and light-filled annexes. The boxes are clean and have enough room for comfortable relaxation. Additionally, during spring and summer, the dogs can make use of garden balconies, which they enter directly from their boxes. The buildings are ventilated and, during winter – heated.


Spontaneity and calmness, fetching and walking, enjoying games with people or other dogs – Dog Inn Hotel endeavours to ensure all dogs the form of activity they enjoy best. We have three individual, fenced-in pens. They serve dogs who feel safer in a limited area or those that wish to befriend other dogs or play with the carer. For longer walks and exploring the dogs go to the forest – they have two hectares of diversified, wooded terrain at their disposal. Being in direct contact with the carers, they participate in their everyday activities.

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